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March 2006
The Register | European tech innovators honoured
A computer memory that can survive radiation, a face recognition system and a digital content ''finger-printing'' system to deter multimedia pirates have jointly been awarded a top European prize for innovation. The Grand Prize Winners of the 2006 European IST Prize - Dutch firm Cavendish Kinetics, Guardia of Denmark and French firm Advestigo - will each receive €200,000 in recognition of their achievements in technology innovation.
March 2006
VNUNET | UK misses out as EC rewards best IT projects
We have the technology, we have the service in place and now it's a question of talking to people. Hopefully we will provide other applications for the European and US markets.'''Michel Roux, president and chief executive at Advestigo, told
March 2006
Contraktor UK | Europe awards top IT talents
French and Dutch innovators joined the Danes at the EIT ceremony last week in Vienna, where their exemplary IT projects, of equal merit, won them first place Grand Prizes.
June 2006
Yahoo Finance | Advestigo Launches Its Range of Security
Solutions for Enterprises and Announces the First Immediate Release of AdvestiCHECK(TM)

Advestigo, leading provider of content recognition technology, widely recognized on the media and entertainment market, launches its range of security solutions for enterprises.
June 2006
BetaNews | Advestigo Launches Its Range of Security Solutions for Enterprises and Announces the First Immediate Release of AdvestiCHECK
Advestigo's software solutions make it possible for IT managers to monitor and control data stored on networks and workstations, and to prevent the deliberate or accidental leak of confidential information.

July 2006
Forbes | Advestigo Joins Microsoft France 'IDEES' Program and Launches Its Range of Corporate IT Security Solutions 
Advestigo, a major player in the field of content recognition, is partnering with Microsoft France through their ''IDEES'' (Initiative for the Economic Development of Software Publishers and Start-ups) program.
January 2007
Financial Times | ‘Fingerprint' system to scan website traffic
A Paris-based technology start-up will launch a digital video and music “fingerprint” system this week that, if adopted, could enable user-generated content websites such as YouTube and MySpace to spot and remove illegally posted copyright material.
January 2007
SearchEngineWatch | Fingerprinting Videos, Music May Help Stop Piracy 
2006 was a good year for Advestigo, a French company that helps guard digital assets - winning a number of prestigious awards including the Information Society Technology Award. 2007 looks like it could be an even bigger year as it rolls out its AdvestiSearch - the technology for fingerprinting digital video and music so companies like YouTube and MySpace can quickly find and remove offenders.
March 2007
LA Times | Filtering user-generated content
According to executives at Advestigo and inside Hollywood, the rationale for identifying files has changed dramatically in the past year or so.
April 2007
Red Herring | Startups begin to imagine a DRM-free world 
“This is a many-to-many instead of a one-to-many distribution model,” said Mr. Dunn. “Therefore, you've got to tag the content and follow the content, and figure out monetization.”

Paris-based Advestigo is one such company. Funded by I-Source Gestion, CapDecisif, and EonTech Ventures, the company makes fingerprinting and music tracking software for music labels. Executive vice president for business development Brian Dunn believes his group could well see a surge in business in the wake of the EMI announcement.
April 2007
Red Herring | Motion Picture Association evaluates copyright protection tools 
Advestigo's Mr. Dunn is concerned that YouTube will develop filtering tools in-house. Then a huge chunk of his potential market will vanish.

The Motion Picture Association of America is rolling out a report within a few weeks that evaluates video-filtering software and establishes standards for copyright protection online. This sounds like good news for a nascent software space, but it also opens the door to a new set of tricky problems, insiders say.

“Once this evaluation ends, the negotiations begin,” said Brian Dunn, senior vice president for business development at the Paris-based Advestigo, which submitted technology to MPAA testing.
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