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Solutions for UGCs

AdvestiGATE, Advestigo’s video and audio content fingerprinting solution, enables you to:

  1. Protect yourself against costly litigation risks by ensuring that copyrighted contents are handled according to the site’s policy and contracts with rights holders
  2. Increase your revenue by distributing high quality content from Studios, thus increasing user traffic
  3. Implement your site policies regarding forbidden video content, and guarantee that outlawed content is safely forbidden from your site
  4. Improve user experience by removing duplicated content and copies of original content that divert user attention from the highest quality original content
Build a New Revenue Stream

Distribution of high quality copyrighted content is an essential part of the future business model of UGC sites. High quality contents increase user traffic, and thus advertising revenue. User interest increases and the targeted audience cans also be widened.
AdvestiGATEs fingerprinting solution enables you to ensure a fair implement of your distribution deals with video content owners, thus building trust and securing a new revenue stream. 

Protect against Litigation Risk

Protection of privacy, prevention of illegal content posting such as terrorist or pedophilia related content, protection of copyrighted contents. Protection against litigation risk has become essential for UGC sites.
AdvestiGATE enables you to solve all these issues at once, and to prove your good citizenship by implementing a best of breed solution for video content identification.

Improving all Important User Experience

Improving user experience is an essential goal for all UGC sites. With today’s site audience growing and the number of posted videos increasing, you need new solutions to make it easier for users to find the content they want.
AdvestiGATE contributes to this essential goal by enabling to identify the numerous copies of original or highest quality content that complicate the user experience. Whether in the context of copyrighted contents or for general content deduplication, you can now ensure that users do not get the same content many times over when they make a content search.  

Facilitating your development

Facilitating your development in an era of quick user traffic growth and growing user expectations is one of our main preoccupations.
AdvestiGATE can be deployed either as a managed ASP service, or as appliances deployed at your own facilities. The ASP service enables you to minimize initial investments while ensuring a very high level of service, and does not require your allocation of space or human resources. Appliances enable you to optimize your deployment architecture, and completely control operational conditions.

Generic and Easy to Implement

AdvestiGATE is generic and easy to implement. Integration with your information system is facilitated by « AdvestiPRINT_prod », a simple API. AdvestiPRINT can also be used as a standalone application that will be available to download on Advestigo’s Web site in January 2008, along with an online fingerprint registering service.

The technology works with any video file format and does not require any modification of the original content, contrary to watermarking for instance. You take into account copyrighted contents as well as forbidden contents within the same system.