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AdvestiSTAT – surveillance of piracy activity on peer-to-peer networks

Peer to peer activity is constantly growing, and results in massive illicit downloads of audio, video and other numerical contents. Estimating this trend is important for planning purposes and to estimate the prejudice incurred.

AdvestiSTAT is a service that enables you to regularly track piracy activity on peer to peer networks and assess its development. It informs about the top files downloaded by protocol, rights owner, and ISP, as well as total download volumes, nature of P2P protocols used and P2P clients.

The information delivered is designed to be defendable with a court in an estimation of a prejudice.

Whatson P2P – P2P popularity information for music tracks

Whatson P2P is a secure web site powered by Advestigo’s technology that enables you to easily get statistics on peer to peer activity for any given music track.

These statistics are a rich source of information for online marketing and music popularity analysis.

AdvestiWATCH - assessing your piracy risks on peer-to-peer networks

Peer to Peer and UGC sites are quickly growing, and the exchange of illegal copies of copyrighted material is a threat to the revenue of Studios.

Dissemination of your media contents can occur at several stages of the media product life (before official release, during theatrical release, DVD release life…), impacting your business in diverse ways. AdvestiWATCH enables you to assess this impact.

AdvestiWATCH is a tailored research service for the detection and monitoring of the illicit diffusion of music tracks, movies or TV series on peer-to-peer networks.

AdvestiWATCH helps determine at what stage of the hacking process the supervised digital content is: latency (contents not yet available), accelerative or deccelerative phase of illegal diffusion.

Fakes (misleading files with the same filename as the original content but which content is very different) are automatically detected, so that the collected statistics faithfully reflect the real situation of copyright infringements.

AdvestiWATCH is built on Advestigo’s patented content recognition technology, which can accurately identify modified copies of original contents:

  • Whatever the type of modification (change of format, resizing, cropping, blurring…)
  • Video, sound, image, text…
  • In a non invasive way (fingerprinting does not require any modification of the original content)

Standard research is tailored to your own repertoire and covers an observation period of 1 to 3 months and 2 protocols. The analytical report details:

  • The evolution of the number of distinct pirate copies, and disclosures
  • The split by Internet Service Provider (ISP), protocol and country
  • The form (DVD, screener, TV rip…), versions and quality of copies

AdvestiSEARCH - fighting piracy risks on peer-to-peer networks

AdvestiSEARCH protects your investment in content development and distribution by precisely following the piracy activity for your targeted contents.


  • Identifies internet user devices offering illicit content over different protocols
  • Identifies the content thanks to Advestigo’s fingerprinting technology, in an accurate way, even if the original content has been modified (change of format, resizing, cropping, blurring…)
  • Produces statistics on the peer-to-peer piracy
  • Targets the most active pirates to document the fraud for future legal or legal cases

AdvestiSEARCH is designed to be the foundation of graduated response policy for content owners, for instance through the sending of messages or the historicization of incidents.

AdvestiSEARCH is a managed service operated on behalf of the rights owner or their agent. The customer has full control of the service, initiating searches and recovering results remotely via a secure web interface. Data is only retained for the time necessary for processing and transmission, after which it is deleted. Sensitive data such as IP addresses are encrypted and only accessible by the customer.

AdvestiGATE – distributing copyrighted contents on UGC sites

UGC web sites intend to distribute copyrighted video contents based on advertising revenue sharing contracts with content owners, thus creating the opportunity of the creation of a new distribution channel.
Illegal copies, however, divert traffic from original copyrighted contents, decrease revenue and prevent proper execution of distribution contracts.
In order for the UGC site to become a partner rather than a threat, proper detection of illicit contents has to be implemented.
AdvestiGATE, Advestigo’s video content identification solution, enables you to:

  • Protect your copyrighted contents by ensuring that high quality illegal copies on UGC sites are immediately eliminated
  • Increase your revenue by distributing high quality content on UGC sites
Build a New Revenue Stream

Distribution of high quality copyrighted content is an essential part of the future business model of UGC sites. High quality contents increase user traffic, and thus advertising revenue. AdvestiGATE’s fingerprinting solution enables you to ensure a fair implement of your distribution deals with UGC sites, thus building trust and securing a new revenue stream. 

Robust and Secure Deployment

AdvestiPRINT, AdvestiGATE’s original content fingerprinting solution, can be easily installed and integrated with your information system, as software or as an appliance.
Only fingerprints are sent (encrypted) to Advestigo to populate the reference fingerprint database.

Generic and Easy to Implement

AdvestiGATE is generic and easy to implement. Integration with your information system is easy; the technology works with any video file formats and does not require any modification of the original content, contrary to watermarking for instance. You take into account copyrighted contents as well as blocked contents within the same system.