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AdvestiSEARCH - fight illicit contents on the Internet

Pedophilia, terrorism, happy slapping... Internet has become a major illegal content distribution medium. AdvestiSEARCH™ enables you to scan the Internet to identify the distribution of illegal or illicit contents - whether they comprise text, sound, image or video.

AdvestiSEARCH scans for you Web sites, forums, content sharing sites (UGCs), peer to peer exchanges (P2P)... and identifes contents which distribution you must prevent. Offenders' computers are identified as a background task, requiring no effort from your side once the search is launched. A search can be carried out for a limited timeframe or continue forever.

Advestigo uses a proprietary fingerprinting technology. This innovative approach enables to identify contents (texts, pictures, musics, videos) similar to a previously identified illicit content. AdvestiSEARCH's content recognition algorithms enable the identification of illicit contents even when the original content has been modified. The recognition is robust to most types of content transformations.

AdvestiSEARCH can analyze more than 100 000 web pages per day to find numerical files that might offend the law.

AdvestiSEARCH also scans newsgroups, forums and blogs to identify sites non referenced by search engines, or to which no existing URL link to. Their content is saved as illict sites often have a very short life span.

Do as the STRJD (technical judiciary search service of the French police, "Gendarmerie Nationale"), and use AdvestiSEARCH to hunt illicit contents on the Internet.

In order to ensure a total security and confidentiality of your searches, AdvestiSEARCH is proposed to authorities as a software to be installed in your premises. Do as the French "Gendarmerie Nationale", and use AdvestiSEARCH to flush out criminals.