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AdvestiSTAT – surveillance of piracy activity on peer-to-peer networks

Peer to peer activity is constantly growing, and results in massive illicit downloading of audio, video and other numerical contents.

stimating this trend is important for content owners, for planning purposes but also in order to provide estimates of the prejudice incurred that can be used in courts.

AdvestiSTAT is a service that enables content owners to regularly track general piracy activity on peer to peer networks (FastTrack, Gnutella2, eDonkey, BitTorrent) and assess its development.

AdvestiSTAT informs about the top files downloaded by protocol, rights owner, and ISP. Information about total download volumes, nature of P2P protocols used and P2P clients is also available.
The information delivered is obtained through measurement conditions, extrapolation hypotheses that imply a minimum estimation which is totally defendable with a court in an estimation of a prejudice.

Optionally, downloaded files can be analyzed to assess their quality, the presence of watermarks, and their origin for instance. Other data volumes can also be estimated, such as ISPs, time frames …