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AdvestiWATCH™ - assessing piracy risks on peer-to-peer networks

Peer to Peer and UGC sites are quickly growing, and the exchange of illegal copies of copyrighted material is a threat to the revenue of Studios.

Dissemination of your media contents can occur at several stages of the media product life (before official release, during theatrical release, DVD release life…), impacting your business in diverse ways. AdvestiWATCH enables you to assess this impact.

AdvestiWATCH is a tailored research service for the detection and monitoring of the illicit diffusion of music tracks, movies or TV series on peer-to-peer networks.

AdvestiWATCH helps determine at what stage of the hacking process the supervised digital content is: latency (contents not yet available), accelerative or deccelerative phase of illegal diffusion.
Fakes (misleading files with the same filename as the original content but which content is very different) are automatically detected, so that the collected statistics faithfully reflect the real situation of copyright infringements.

AdvestiWATCH is built on Advestigo’s patented content recognition technology, which can accurately identify modified copies of original contents:

  1. Whatever the type of modification (change of format, resizing, cropping, blurring…)
  2. Video, sound, image, text…
  3. In a non invasive way (fingerprinting does not require any modification of the original content)

Standard research is tailored to your own repertoire and covers an observation period of 1 to 3 months and 2 protocols. The analytical report details:

  1. The evolution of the number of distinct pirate copies, and disclosures
  2. The split by Internet Service Provider (ISP), protocol and country
  3. The form (DVD, screener, TV rip…), versions and quality of copies