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AdvestiSEARCH™ - fight piracy risks on peer-to-peer networks - hunt illicit contents on the Internet

AdvestiSEARCH™ automatically detects unauthorized copying or reprocessing of protected content; this can lead to direct action or, by using documented evidence to build a case, to action in a court of law.

AdvestiSEARCH™ combats piracy by automatically and continuously monitoring online communication protocols (Internet, P2P, newsgroups, etc.) to measure the distribution and/or unlawful use of protected content.

  1. AdvestiSEARCH™ is a modular, ‘graduated response’ solution :
  2. Automatic detection of illegal files on Internet and P2P networks
  3. Digital fingerprint classification of online content to determine relationship with original files
  4. Secure storage of incident data
  5. ‘On demand’ investigation of major abusers who are known to routinely distribute large volumes of protected content
  6. Reports to monitor and measure the evolution of P2P networks and the impact of campaigns to combat piracy
Secure service version

AdvestiSEARCH™ is a secure service operated by Advestigo on behalf of the copyright owner or his agent. The client has full control of the service, and may launch searches and view results via a secure web interface. All network communications are encrypted and access to the incident database is secured with a password. Data is kept only as long as necessary for processing and transmission, after which time it is deleted.
AdvestiSEARCH™ is a subscription-based service:

  1. You allow us access to the digital content you wish to protect
  2. We calculate the digital fingerprints (or you supply them for us, using software that we provide)
  3. We track your content over the required range of Internet protocols
  4. You receive a full report (electronic or print)

Software licence version

AdvestiSEARCH can also be installed in your premises. It is in this case sold as a software licence.

This approach ensures a total flexibility and confidentiality of your searches.

Our specialized team ensures an efficient and available support.