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Solutions for UGCs, Studios and Authorities

Studios protect their intellectual property with our peer to peer network monitoring and anti-piracy fight services (AdvestiSTAT, AdvestiWATCH, AdvestiSEARCH, WhatsonP2P).

UGCs and Studios increase their revenue by securing the distribution of high quality content on UGC sites with our solution AdvestiGATE audio & video fingerprinting solution, by distributing high quality contents on UGC sites. AdvestiGATE also enables to protects against legal risks by ensuring that content protected by copyrights and forbidden contents are handled according to the site's policy and contracts, and improves the customers' experience on UGC sites by avoiding content duplication.

Authorities install AdvestiSEARCH (as a software licence) to generate automatic monitoring of illegal contents (textual, images or videos) on Web sites, forums and P2P (Peer to Peer) networks. Uses are numerous : fight against pedophilia, terrorism, happy slapping...