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AdvestiGATE’s audio and video fingerprinting solution detects the copyrighted nature of audio & video files and enables their rightful distribution on UGC sites, and avoid posting of unauthorized contents.

Serving Content Owners and UGC Sites

AdvestiGATE enables UGCs to protect themselves against costly litigation risks. It ensures that copyrighted contents are handled according to the site’s policy and contracts with rights holders. UGC’s revenue is increased by the distribution of high quality content, thus increasing user traffic. Site policies regarding forbidden video content are implemented, and guarantee that outlawed content is safely forbidden from UGC sites. User experience is also improved by removing duplicated content and copies of original content that divert user attention from the highest quality original content.

Studios, on the other hand protect their copyrighted contents by ensuring that high quality illegal copies on UGC sites are immediately eliminated. They also increase their revenue by distributing high quality content on UGC sites.

Infringing contents being eliminated, Studios and UGC sites can develop a fruitful commercial relationship, based, for instance, on the fair sharing of advertising revenue from high quality content distribution.

Simple Process

Content owners, such as studios, provide fingerprints of their copyrighted video contents. Fingerprints are securely sent to Advestigo and added to the global fingerprints database.

UGC sites add to their specific fingerprint database the fingerprints of videos that they have forbidden, either according to legislation or to the site’s own guidelines. They then check videos posted by users, determine which videos are copyrighted or forbidden, and apply their site’s policy to the infringing contents.

Flexible Integration and Deployment

The integration of AdvestiPRINT (the reference fingerprint building module of AdvestiGATE’s offer) within the studio’s information system is very simple, thanks to a simple API (AdvestiPRINT_prod). Advestigo can also feed fingerprints manually in the database if needed.

On the UGC side, AdvestiGATE can be deployed as a managed ASP service, or by deploying appliances at the customer’s site (AdvestiGATE_app). Integration is also particularly straightforward.

Large Quality Fingerprint Database

At the heart of AdvestiGATE’s offer lies Advestigo’s Global Fingerprint Database.

Classic works as well as recently published videos, Music Videos, TV shows and Films, U.S. as well as local videos... the database covers the main video copyright protection needs, and can also be expanded according to your specific needs.  

Reliable and Advanced Content Identification

Advestigo’s patented Theraography technology recognizes video contents based on digital “fingerprints” derived from characteristics of the original content.

The technology is highly accurate and does not rely on metadata, watermarks or file hashes.

The technology works for any file format, and is robust to the various transformations of the video: extracts, blurring, cutting, color alterations, speedup or slowdown, insertion of subtitles, etc...