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Threat and opportunity, the troublesome offspring of Internet and peer to peer (P2P) file sharing networks, are thorns in the side of the digital content industry. Copyright protection solutions and new content distribution models need to be founded on technology that can identify and authenticate multimedia content, and that can empower networks to monitor the flow of content. Advestigo develops short- and long-term solutions that do just that.

Advestigo offers a range of services such as online surveillance of unlawful content distribution, statistical analysis of piracy for specific sectors like the music or motion picture industry, and even the installation of end-to-end, ‘graduated response’ solutions.

Online piracy damages industry Loss of revenue from online content piracy is damaging the motion picture, music, video game and information industries; P2P networks, websites, newsgroups and blogs freely distribute magazine and newspaper articles, agency dispatches, surveys, literary works, music tracks and albums, video clips, TV series, news broadcasts, documentaries, and feature films. This international phenomenon is aggravated by a steady increase in bandwidth, and by the ease with which media can be digitized for convenient distribution.
Protect your investment Advestigo delivers effective solutions for copyright protection, and for intellectual, artistic and industrial property rights. These solutions have been developed in direct response to the needs of :
  • Authors, producers, editors and distributors of protected content
  • Companies that need to protect or measure brand image and identity
  • Agencies that research and track unlawful online content distribution
Understanding distribution channels Advestigo’s services are increasingly used as tools to help understand online content distribution channels; the digital content industry can learn much from statistics that measure content popularity, the voluntary or involuntary diffusion of logos or design elements, the capacity and geography of Internet radio audiences, and the unauthorized reproduction of information available online.