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Advestigo is a technology leader in the fast growing digital asset management market. Advestigo's unique patented "Theraography" technology analyses digital content to generate content-based "fingerprints" which allow the detection of total or partial copying, independently of file and data formats, sampling rates, encapsulations and other typical "masking" techniques. Theraography can be applied to text, audio, graphics, video, simulations, source code and other data. Because it is based on powerful content analysis techniques, source documents are not altered in any way: no encapsulations, no "watermarking".

Advestigo's investors include leading European capital risk funds and French research support funds - ANVAR, Scientip?le-Initiative and the ANRT.

Advestigo was founded in October 2002 by Dr Hassane Essafi and Dr Marc-Michel Pic, at the time researchers at the French Nuclear Energy Commission's Electronics and IT Research Labs (CEA-LETI). With ten years of teamwork behind them and international recognition for their contributions in image analysis and parallel processing, Hassane and Marc took the decision to launch a company that would bring their ambitious and innovative ideas in the fields of digital content analysis and multimedia indexing to market. Very quickly Advestigo's potential was recognised by the French Ministry of Research with their "Innovative Enterprise" award.

Advestigo's AdvestiSEARCH service offering was launched in pilot mode in February 2004 before reaching the market in full production mode in October the same year. Prestigious customers including Disney Buena Vista, AFP, SACEM and CXP recognise the value of Advestigo's technology in the growing challenges of defending digital assets in the open environment of the Internet. In February 2004 Advestigo's founders decided to reinforce corporate management by bringing on board Mr. Michel Roux, a technology industry veteran with experience of managing corporate development in France and California. Michel was formally named CEO in October 2004.

In October 2004 Advestigo announced the successful closure of €3.5m in funding from leading early-stage investment funds including iSource Gestion, Cap Décisif and EonTech.