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June 18th 2008
Advestigo’s Video Content Recognition Solution Lauded Tested and Approved by Broadband-Testing Labs in Authentic Monitoring Circumstances

Advestigo, a leading provider of digital assets protection solutions, announced the results of Broadband-Testing Labs’ audit of its technology. Broadband-Testing Labs, Europe’s foremost independent network facility and testing lab, subjected Advestigo’s video recognition and digital fingerprinting technology to rigorous tests of surveillance of peer to peer (P2P) networks.

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The illegal sharing of content on P2P networks is a significant problem for content owners in industries ranging from motion pictures, music, video games and information.  Effective detection of illegal content is crucial to the fight against this growing problem, and requires a reliable filtering technology for video content recognition; one that avoids the risks of false alarms and more sophisticated than simple detection of key words, file titles or IP blocklists.

Broadband-Testing Labs tested the effectiveness of Advestigo’s digital fingerprinting solution against P2P networks across a range of modifications and alterations that users make in an attempt to mask the origin of content.  After scanning the internet globally and identifying potential copies of original feature film sourced from P2P networks, Advestigo’s solution was able to rate them precisely according to how accurate a copy of content it was based on the quality of audio and video content.  Principal findings included:

  • A very high rate of recognition of the various copies available on the networks, from 97.9 to 100 percent according to films considered, with no false positives
  • Copies can be evaluate in a reliable and precise manner in a way that specifies the level of audio quality and video
  • Provision of detailed statistical data concerning the activity of hacking on the P2P networks
  • Ergonomic client platform allowing to maximize the results in an optimal way.

Advestigo’s video recognition technology is integrated into its AdvestiSEARCH™ and AdvestiGATE™ suite of services and software, which provide automated P2P network monitoring, online surveillance of unlawful content distribution, statistical analysis of piracy and end-to-end “graduated response” solutions.  Advestigo’s solutions facilitate the detection of illegal content including data that has been significantly altered and files containing precise to reformatted copies of original.  In addition, Broadband-Testing Labs showed that Advestigo’s solutions can scale according to client needs.

Conclusions of the testing were that Advestigo’s solution is a highly effective manner for companies to protect their digital assets and is far superior to the alternative manual solution.  In addition, the Broadband-Testing Labs concluded that from a ROI perspective, the Advestigo solution makes sense.

The complete test results are available at:

About Advestigo:

Advestigo is a leading provider of digital assets protection solutions. Its patented Theraography™ technology analyses digital content to generate content-based fingerprints which allow the detection of total or partial copying, independent of file and data formats, sampling rates, encapsulations and other typical masking techniques.  In addition, Advestigo provides automated surveillance and control solutions as well as the distribution of multimedia content.  Advestigo, a private company founded in 2002, counts amongst its customers companies such as Disney, Gaumont Buena Vista International, AFP, Universal Music and Thomson.  The company is supported by the French research fund ANVAR, and leading European VCs including iSource Gestion, Cap Décisif and EonTech.  For more information, please visit